About Us

SYRENA Yachts & Charter Sp. z o.o

Syrena Yachts & Charter Sp. z o.o. is a company that was established on the most solid foundations – friendship, trust and reliability. We are a team of vibrant people who share a common passion – eagerness to explore and understand two powerful forces of nature, namely wind and water. We have parted with the old-fashioned image of sailing portrayed as recreation and a style of life dedicated to the elites and wish to prove that sailing is unique but at the same time available to all.

For 20 years we have been going with the flow of our passion that tells us to follow and engage professionally in exactly what we like, of which final product is Syrena Yachts & Charter Sp. z o.o. . Our history has originated in Mazury region where we had been trailblazing and where we have remained active till now. Later on we were more on the professional side on the Baltic Sea.

Many years’ long experience results in our cooperation with the best and most reliable suppliers, constructors, shipyards, vessel operators and professional coaches. With the majority of them we are on relatively close terms that is why we can guarantee the top quality of the offered equipment and make it tailored to your needs. We possess our own fleet of charter yachts and yachts purchased directly from us may even be their own sponsors within the Yacht Management Programme. We operate as a part of BALTICA Group Yachts & Charter Sp.z o.o. (Ltd.)

Since we love what we do we offer you a most professional and individual management, maintenance, assistance in yacht selection along with competitive prices. Satisfied customers are the best reward for us and motivate us to undertake further attempts to expand our offer and meet new challenges.